6 points to keep in mind before making your purchase online

Very good! This week’s article is linked to the previous one, 6 advantages that buying online gives you. At Bodegas La Aurora we have thought how important it is that you are informed of the advantages that the network provides you as well as the points to take into account so that you do not get scammed. It is true that there are many scams in the online world, but there are also many in the offline world, everything will depend on you and how careful you are.

The only problem that the online world has is that it is relatively new and there are still many people who are afraid of doing business through it because they do not know very well the dangers it entails. I tell you from my own experience that like everything in life requires a time of learning and adaptation, with a little time using the Internet you will get used to doing almost everything out there but, be careful! Not everything is rosy, there are many points that you must take into account when carrying out procedures and procedures through it. Below I leave you 6 points to keep in mind before making your purchase online so that you can make your purchases much more calmly.

6 points to keep in mind before making your purchase online

  1. Software update: The most important point that you should keep in mind before browsing the internet is to have all the software on your computer updated, by this I mean the operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu, Mac, etc.), the antivirus, the browser you usually use (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and that you have a firewall installed on your system. If you use Windows, don’t worry because it comes with it by default. Updates are important because they prevent small bugs or security holes in your system.

  2. Investigate the company: It is something quite basic that we often forget, you have to investigate the company that appears on the website from which you are going to buy. Do a search for the company on the internet, look at comments made about it in forums. See if it exists on social media, look at the comments it has on social media.

  3. Check the company’s contact details on the website and make any queries, whether by phone, email or contact form, if there is no contact details, do not buy on that website. Check the company’s privacy policy, every company must have a page visible to users that specifies the legal points that apply to its users and their identifying data (Nif/Cif, name, company name, address, telephone, etc).

  4. The products must have photos and a description: It is very important that the products have photos so that you can get an idea of what it is like, if the product could be different from the one in the photo, it must be reflected in its description information, the which must be abundant.

  5. Check that the purchase and return policy is clear: It is important that it is reflected when purchasing a product how the transport will be carried out, the days it may take to arrive, who is responsible for when something happens and how to return it if you have repented.

  6. Check that when you are going to make the purchase you are on a secure page: This is done by looking in the address bar at the top of the browser, the address must begin with the letters https://, this means that the information What is sent at that moment is encrypted, this means that it cannot be understood if someone captures it.

  7. It must have different payment methods: It is important that the website has different payment methods, this is generally aimed at facilitating the purchase for people and highlights the concern on the part of the company towards the people who buy from it. , the greater the number of payment options, the more likely it is to meet the needs of the people who want to buy.

    At Bodegas La Aurora we have tried to cover all these points very carefully, we know that the most important thing is you and we want to give you the best possible service. In the contact tab you can find the way to ask us any type of question you may have, you also have the two social networks we are on, Facebook and Google+. I hope that all this information serves as a guide to continue losing the fear of making your purchases online. Best regards and until next time!

    By Rafael Espejo.

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