Are new technologies important in the field?

Hello! In this week’s article I am going to ask you something, Are new technologies important in the field? Are they influential when it comes to pricing our final product? I think without a doubt so, and not only in the field but in all sectors of the industry.

Increase in the final price of the product

In the previous article I told you about the greenness of the olive, about the tools that are now used to collect it in this area. Can you imagine that instead of using machines, everything was done manually? I know that in certain places it is still done, but think about the high cost of that labor and what increases the final price of the product.

In these times we cannot allow ourselves to stay in line, in a globalized world, in which day by day we see how foreign products freely enter our homes because they have very low prices and acceptable quality, we have to innovate and be at the height of the circumstances.

The competitiveness

The main problem we face today in agriculture and I think in all sectors, is competitiveness, we have to compete, as I have said before, with foreign products that have much lower labor costs than ours and with products that are obtained with the latest trends in technology.

In both cases, the goal is to obtain a product at a competitive price, which can be sold before another at a higher price and with similar characteristics.

What can we do?

Only one thing comes to mind, we have to be competitive, we have to cut all expenses that are not necessary or that do not impact the final quality of our product.

We must invest in new tools that make our work cheaper, that facilitate our daily work and that save us time on a daily basis. We cannot afford to do work like our grandparents did if we want to generate income.

Carrying out tillage with a mule or manually, as long as this activity can be carried out more quickly with a machine, is an attitude that will generate losses, which will ultimately cause us to have to abandon or sell our field because It is not productive for us.

We will always find detractors of this reality, who are understandably tied to their past, to a lifetime of hard work, but the new blood, little by little, must reconvert this lifelong work and prevent it from being destroyed.

Greetings and I end by asking you the same question with which I started this article: Are new technologies in the field important to you?

By Rafael Espejo.

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