Happy holidays and a prosperous 2016

Hello! There are only a few days left to finish this 2015, which has given many of us so many joys and disappointments, for this reason, at Bodegas la Aurora we want to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2016 full of hope, work and of course, love.

The meaning of these three words may not be as important as what they can make us feel, and that is that enthusiasm, work and love are necessary so that we can get out of bed every day and go out. a new day in our lives.

Without enthusiasm you cannot move forward

Illusion is one of the fundamental pillars necessary for people.

Without enthusiasm you cannot move forward, I, you and everyone know that.

At Bodegas La Aurora we know that enthusiasm is necessary to make work day after day more bearable and rewarding, because all work has its reward and the illusion of knowing that this work will help many families to live is priceless. .

Work is necessary to feel fulfilled

The person who says that if he wins the lottery, he will never work again, does not know what he is saying.

Work is necessary to feel fulfilled.

That pleasure of coming home after a day of work knowing that thanks to it you have helped in a chain that will help many people like you to work and earn their bread, is indescribable.

I agree that work can be exhausting, frustrating, disillusioning, but we have to look at the positive side of bad days and failures, because they happen exactly so that we learn something that is necessary for us, so don’t despair and learn, you will see that the next day, everything will be very different.

At Bodegas La Aurora we know that to achieve something you have to work very hard, as I said above, enthusiasm plays a fundamental role in the motivation that each of us who are part of this great team of people put in every day to carry out our work in the best way we know how.

Love is the engine that moves everything

Without love life has no meaning, love is the engine that moves everything.

A person who does not put love into what he does will not do well, if he does a job, he will end up hating that job.

At Bodegas La Aurora we put love into the work we do because we like it and we want to convey that feeling to you through our wines, vinegars and oils.

On these special dates, from Bodegas La Aurora we wish you to spend some wonderful days full of love with your family and friends.

May 2016 fill you with enthusiasm, work and love!


By Rafael Espejo.

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