How do you like to buy wine?

Hello!We already asked you recently about the wine you like to drink the most. I have to admit that the experience and feedback we received was very positive, many people read the article, especially through our social networks, both on Google+ and on Facebook, they were encouraged to comment on their tastes, so we are delighted and we thank everyone who did so and we hope that many people will also be encouraged today, so: How do you like to buy wine?

Today’s article arises from a news item that was published on our website, which you can read by clicking here, about wine consumption trends in Spain.

According to the latest report prepared by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV) on wine consumption in Spanish households, 77.6% of total spending on wine was for purchasing bottled wine. What does this tell us? What should Spanish wineries take into account?

From my point of view and from my humble tastes, the packaging par excellence of a wine must be the bottle, I suppose it is because of the impact that television has on me or because the sensation it transmits to me is different, which is why below I am going to explain why I like to buy wine in bottles.

The sensation it gives me is more pleasant

The feeling that seeing wine in a bottle gives me is more pleasant than seeing it in a cardboard carton or a plastic carafe.

I have always associated cardboard boxes with milk and not with a good wine. I do not want to discriminate against this type of packaging at all, but I think it is not the right container for a good wine.

It is true that cardboard cartons are widely used to sell wine in large stores, but to date I have not seen any winery that packages their wine in this type of packaging and please do not confuse a cardboard carton with a bag in. box, are totally different products.

Good wines are sold in bottles

As I said above, I have not seen to date that a winery packages in cardboard cartons, at Bodegas la Aurora we package in bag in box (a totally different container from the carton) and in glass carafes (the so-called: half an arroba which corresponds 8 liters and an arroba that has a capacity of 16 liters).

The wines that I usually see packaged in cardboard boxes, especially in large stores, are not high quality wines, at least that is my opinion, I don’t know what yours is.

For me, a wine must be packaged in a glass bottle to convey quality, another different issue is whether that wine is truly quality or not.

The glass bottle is the ideal wine container

As I said in the previous point, at Bodegas La Aurora we package in different formats, since we not only sell to people who ultimately consume the wine, we also sell to restaurants and other types of suppliers, for which we use mainly two types of packaging, the glass carafe (it is the same material as that of a bottle) and the bag in box, which is a product with qualities that ensure that the wine is preserved very well for a long period of time.

Glass is the ideal wine container, or at least that’s how I understand it so far, given its conservation properties.

This is my opinion and at Bodegas La Aurora we would like to know yours. How do you like to buy wine? In a glass bottle? In a plastic bottle? In a tetra carton? Greetings and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.


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