Is personalized attention important?

Very good! In this week’s article I ask you a question, is personalized attention important to you? I sincerely confess that for me it is very important, this question has arisen on more than one occasion, for example, when I have been treated in a way that I did not like at all, when I have had to wait a long time for the They send me to someone else and I have to raise my problem a few times… but do you know what personalized attention is based on?

What is personalized attention based on?

From my point of view as a consumer and with knowledge on the subject, personalized attention is based mainly on serving each client individually and personally.

This can be done in many ways, the most important thing is to ensure that the person who came looking for a product or service that I offer, leaves with a pleasant feeling and with the desire to return again.

How do you get personalized attention?

As I said above, you must serve each client individually, as a client it is not worth being one more in the group, people have names and they like to be called by that name. I’m not telling you that right when you enter each client you ask them what their name is (although it wouldn’t be bad to try the experience), but I do say that you should be close, while managing to be respectful, you should find out what they like and advise in the best way if This person has some doubts.

If your client has come to complain about a fault, do not make him wander from here to there explaining his problem to half of the staff, you must have a person who is in charge of solving all possible incidents that may occur and of course, attend to them promptly. the most pleasant and friendly way possible, here it is advisable to know what your client’s name is and if it is true that a mistake has been committed on your part, solve it in the best possible way, either by refunding the price of the product or through some compensation.

Help your client find what they are looking for, if you do not offer the service they demand, make it clear to them what services or products you can give them and inform them of the closest company that does offer what this person is looking for, with this you are getting this person They leave with the knowledge that this is what you do and sell and with the pleasant feeling that you have helped them find what this person was looking for.

Personalized attention at Bodegas La Aurora

At Bodegas La Aurora we are very aware of this, which is why we try to give each person who comes to us a personalized and unique treatment. We have the best professionals who will be happy to assist you in the closest and most pleasant way possible. We know perfectly well that we have to provide the same service that we would like to receive in your place. So come meet us and tell us about your experience with us! Greetings and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.

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