Spikes and the importance of their choice

Hello! In this week’s article I am going to talk to you about spikes and the importance of their choice. I firmly think that the choice of the appropriate spike will mark the life of the vine, since together with the plant, they are the fundamental pillars of the vine. Now we are in the grafting season, so it is the ideal date to talk to you about this topic.

What are spikes?

For those who do not know, this is the definition given in this area of Montilla and surrounding areas to the shoot that is going to be used in the wedge graft. There are several types of grafting methods, the most popular here are: wedge and bud. I personally do not know how to graft in bud, but in wedge yes and that is why it is the method of grafting that I always use.

The spike will be what later becomes the part of the vine that we see externally and the plant will be part of what would be the foundations of a building, the roots of the vine.

Why is the choice of spike so important?

In this area and until not long ago everywhere, to create a vine strain, the first thing was to sow or plant a plant (forgive the redundancy) in the ground and when it met sufficient characteristics (trunk diameter, foliage, etc. ), graft it so that the vine strain that we all know was formed.

The plant and the spike are the fundamental pillars of the strain, which is why it is very important to select both the type of plant and the spike appropriate to our land, since not all plants are going to adapt to the terrain we have. For this task, it is highly advisable to do an analysis of our land and consult with a professional, which is the most suitable plant for our land.

When is the best date to select the strain from which we will take the spikes?

The ideal date to indicate the vines is during the July/August season or rather, before we carry out the harvest. Because? Because it is when we can distinguish well, the factors that we are going to take into account when choosing the spike that suits us, the most important are: the state of health of the strain, whether it has good production and the grape variety, since once the grapevine has fallen it is very difficult to appreciate this very important detail. Below I leave you an image in which you can see small details that differentiate a Pedro Ximénez shoot from another that is of the Vidueño variety, such as the color or the distance between buds, although if you want to know more you can look at the previous post, the different types of pruning.

Details to take into account when cutting the spike

Once we have the designated summer strain, what remains is to select the appropriate spike. From my point of view, it must have certain characteristics: a reasonable diameter, that it does not have any superficial cuts and that it has an appropriate color.

The diameter is important because when we graft we have to attach the spike to the plant, for this reason it must have a diameter similar to the plant. It is also very important that there are no cuts through which diseases could have entered and finally, a good color indicates a good state of general health.

I hope that today’s article has been useful to you and did you know before you started reading what spikelets are?

By Rafael Espejo.

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