What is a sommelier or sommelier?

Hello! In this article we are going to try to explain in the best way what function it performs and how important a Sumiller o Sommelier, which is the original name and of French origin.

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What is a Sommelier and what functions does he/she perform?

Traditionally, a Sommelier has always been an expert in pairing, he is the person who knows which wine will go best with one meal or another. The most prestigious restaurants, hotels, bars and tourist stays usually incorporate one of these people to advise appropriately. to its clients and that they leave the restaurant much happier, but apart from recommending, it is also in charge of the important task of managing the restaurant or hotel’s wine cellar, supplying it, controlling the wines and their correct conservation. .

Apart from this very important function from which the Sommelier originally comes, currently the Professional Sommelier incorporates much more knowledge, which means that they can perform many more functions than the one previously mentioned.

The Sommelier today and difference with the Winemaker

Currently, a Sommelier has extensive knowledge of the vine and the vineyard, of wine breeding, how the harvest is carried out, basic knowledge of oenology, wine geography, industrial and commercial operation of wine, mastery of legal aspects. of denominations of origin and management of languages such as French and English.

All this wide range of knowledge can confuse a Sommelier with an Oenologist, but there is a very important difference in knowledge in favor of the Oenologist, in addition to the fact that they are totally different professions, although I recognize that they can create confusion since both are linked to the world of wine, if you want to know in more detail what a Winemaker is, look at this article.

By having this great variety of knowledge linked to the world of wine, Sommeliers have taken a leading role in tastings and specialized newspapers, as wine critics, specialized writers and professional tasters.

They also serve as consultants, educators, and wine presenters.

Up to this point I think we have made it more or less clear what functions a Sommelier or Sommelier performs in the world of wine. If you have information to contribute in this regard, whether in favor or against this description that we make, you can do so through the comments. from this article that you will find a little further down.

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