What is vineyard pruning and why is it done?

Hello!Do you know what the budding of the vineyard is? What time of year is it held? How and why is it done? What type of vineyards is it used for? Head or back?Throughout this article and coinciding with the time in which this work is carried out, we will try to answer all these questions.

What is the budding of the vineyard?

Pruning the vineyard is a job that basically consists of trimming the shoots of the vine.

These are usually cut at a similar distance in all the vines on the plot, although it will depend on the vigor of each one. This way, if they are cut too much, the sun does not hit too much during the summer on less vigorous vines and on the Otherwise, if the vine has a lot of vigor and vigor, it may be advisable to cut a larger piece of the shoot to avoid having to bud again.

At what time of year does the vineyard bud?

Generally, between the months of May-June.

This is because due to the season we are in, late spring, the vineyard can be said to have generally reached its maximum state of growth, in addition to the fact that work and treatments need to be carried out that without budding. , they become more complicated.

How and why is the vineyard budded?

This job, like almost all today, can be mechanized if you work in a trellis vineyard, but if, on the other hand, you work in a head vineyard, you will have to do the pruning manually, either using your own fingers to cut the shoot or another. type of tools such as: an olive branch, a thin steel sheave, a sickle, knife, etc.

The vineyard stands out for two fundamental reasons, although there are others that also become important for some farmers.

One of the main reasons is to make it easier to carry out work in the vineyard. By pruning, we are opening the streets and uniformly trimming all the vines to facilitate work such as phytosanitary treatments or tillage.

Another very important reason is to stop the growth of the shoots with more vigor to facilitate the growth of the most backward ones and to obtain shoots and thumbs for next year, more uniform in terms of thickness and buds.

There are farmers who have other motives and strive to get the strain to produce more cowbell, the cowbell is a small cluster that grows at the end of the vine.

Others also perform pruning to ensure that the vine becomes more resistant to mildew. This is because when pruning, growth stops and the shoot hardens, making it less prone to being attacked by downy mildew, although this does not It’s really proven.

Below you can see how an untipped head vine looks like (first image) and what it looks like once it is tipped (second image).

What type of vineyards is it used for? Head or back?

Pruning is carried out on both trellis and head vines.

It will always depend on the vigor of the vines and the type of work or treatments that you want to carry out on the vineyard.

We hope to have resolved the questions we posed at the beginning and if you have anything to contribute, do not hesitate to do so through the comments you will find at the end of this article. Regards and until next time!

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