What wine do you like the most?

Hello! In the second article of the year we want to be interested again in your tastes, I say again because not long ago we asked you if you liked wine or beer more, this was last year and since it was very well received, we would like to make another very important question for us, What wine do you like the most?

It depends on the occasion or the moment

I suppose you are going to answer with this phrase and I totally agree with you. There are many types of wine and depending on the time or occasion, one or the other is more appropriate.

Ordering a wine at noon is not the same as ordering a wine in the afternoon or at night. For example, I really like red wine, I usually drink it at midday, just before eating and during the meal, but in the middle of the afternoon, I prefer a sweet wine, a glass of Pedro Ximénez, it is a real pleasure. for me.

It also depends on what you are going to accompany it with.

Another great answer would be, it depends on what I am going to accompany it with and I say accompany it with wine, because it is always said that wine accompanies food, well on this occasion it will be just the opposite.

If you have a Pedro Ximénez 1981 (our most precious jewel), I advise you to prepare some pasta or sweets, if you do not have these companions, don’t worry, this great wine does not need anything for you to enjoy it, just a glass and a couple of ice.

It is always said that red wine is ideal to drink with a good roast and that white wine tastes better if you drink it with fish, I am not the one to deny it, in fact it is most likely that way, but have you tried doing the same? contrary?

I am a fan of trying different things and I can assure you that I like white wine with meat, it is delicious. A Fino Amanecer accompanied by a good potato stew with meat, is simply great.

Another test I have done is to have a young Llanos de Palacio accompanied by a portion of fried calamari, for me it is very good.

As I have warned you before, I am not a pairing expert or anything like that, just a person who likes wine and is intrigued by trying different things.

What is your bet?

I hope I haven’t made your mouth water with everything I’ve told you above, I admit that it did make me want to go for a glass of Pedro Ximénez while I was writing it, if you’re wondering what time I’m writing this, I answer you, 6 in the afternoon, a perfect time to have something sweet.

I let you deliberate with your thoughts and we would like you to tell us through the comments which wine you like the most, and don’t worry if the wine you like is not in our store, that doesn’t matter, although I invite you to Try some, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Greetings and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.

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