What work is done after the harvest?

Hello! There are very few grapes left in this area of Montilla-Moriles and many people may ask themselves, what happens after the harvest? I suppose that in each area different tasks will be carried out. Today I am going to list three of the most important tasks to be carried out after the harvest in this area of Montilla-Moriles.

Each work that I present below is linked to its corresponding dedicated article on our blog. In it, it is explained in much more detail, so I advise you to click on the link to learn more about that task or job if you are interested.

The greening of the olive

One of the most important jobs carried out in this area is the greening of the olives, if you want to know more click here. This usually begins at the end of September or beginning of October, although everything will depend on the weather conditions. If it does not rain, it is impossible to start because in this area, almost all the plots are dry land, so the date is a bit imprecise. Of start.

This work consists of collecting the olive when it has not yet finished ripening, but has enough flesh and body for consumption, hence the name greening, since the olive is picked before it is fully ripe (green). .

The destruction of the olive tree

Another task that is usually carried out or continued at the end of the harvest is the dismantling of the olive tree. As reflected in the article that you can access by clicking here, this usually begins at the end of August, but if the farmer has a lot of land, he usually stops to harvest and continues afterwards.

This work consists of eliminating the twigs (which are like a kind of branches) that grow from the trunk of the olive tree. These are eliminated to prevent the olive tree from transferring nutrients that correspond to the main branches. For this work to be successful, the ideal is that the twigs are all born, because if it is done before, those that have not been born will end up doing so and the work will not have been of much use.

The mirror of the vineyard

Don’t you know what the vineyard mirror is? I advise you to click here and visit the article that was published on our blog talking in more detail about this no less important task. This work usually begins when the harvest is over and temperatures begin to drop.

It mainly consists of removing the vine shoots that will not become thumbs next year. This is intended to ensure that the shoots that are going to be thumbs mature much better and obtain all the necessary nutrients from the vine.

I hope I have answered the question I asked at the beginning, in any case, more work is done, but from my point of view, these are the ones that are most related to our activity. I’ll wait for you here soon. Greetings and until next time!

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