Why does the taste of a product influence its purchase so much?

Hello!Why does the taste of a product influence its purchase so much?Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why do we fall in love with a product just because of its taste? Why do we buy a certain product if we know that it is harmful to our health? Why do we always say that what tastes best is what we can’t eat?

A few days ago, a study carried out by Consumolab on the importance of the taste of products in Spaniards was published in the news section of this website. If you want to read it, click here.

In summary, the objective of this study is to make companies see that the taste of a product is one of the most important points for a consumer when purchasing a product again.

This is why it is necessary for companies to know the type of audience their product is aimed at, in order to enhance its flavor to the taste of their consumer, since depending on the age of the person, they will have different tastes.

Next, I am going to present my point of view on why the taste of a product influences its purchase so much.

We like to enjoy what we eat

In general and depending on our age, people like to enjoy everything we do, and eating is one of the actions we do most often.

For many, eating is a pleasure, they enjoy every bite, every sip, every aroma… Flavor plays a very important role in this sense.

The fact that a wine has a flavor that we like makes us order a glass of it again, keeping that liquid in our mouths for a longer period of time, to be able to fully recognize what its flavor is.

Eating is no longer simply a way to stay alive, for many, it is almost a ritual that they enjoy a few times a day and that harms a product if it does not have the right flavor for the person who eats or drinks it.

We easily fall into temptation even if it harms us

Regardless of whether a product is good or bad for our health, if we like the taste of it and it is affordable, we tend to consume it.

People are weak and we easily fall into the temptation of enjoying the flavor of a product we like.

I always hear the same phrases: “For once…”; “I’m going to treat myself…” ; “This is the last one…”

The important thing is to justify that what we are doing is not bad, even if it seriously harms our health.

One of the main culprits of this temptation is the taste of that product that drives us crazy.

Our body asks us for more

If we like a product and eat it with great pleasure, our body tolerates it much better and reminds us of it the next time we see it or are hungry.

The taste of a product causes a memory of it in our body that reminds us of it as something we want to consume again.

The main culprit for this is our brain, which is responsible for processing all the information that we perceive around us and that we consume internally.

In short, the flavor of a product is one of the main factors that make us hooked on a product, fall in love with it and want to consume it again.

This is my opinion based on the Consumolab study and my own criteria on why the taste of a product influences its purchase so much. What do you think?What importance do you give to the taste of a product?Would you buy a product whose taste you didn’t like? Because? I await your answers to these questions or to what you want to raise, through the comments. Greetings and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.

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