10 properties of vinegar that will surprise you

Hello! In the last article that was published on this blog, I explained what vinegar is and how many types there are, you can read it by clicking here.

I admit that I have seen very particular uses given to this by-product of wine, apart of course from the most common one, which is serving as a dressing or dressing for food, but there are properties that I share here, that I had no idea existed. .

Today I am going to reveal to you 10 properties of vinegar that will surprise you when you know them, or at least, that has happened to me.

10 properties of vinegar

#1. It is an excellent antioxidant: The polyphenols and vitamins that exist in many vinegars help prevent oxidative stress due to substances such as catechin, epicatechin or chlorogenic acid. This helps prevent aging caused by free radicals.

#2. Fantastic Cleaner: Vinegar is one of the best natural cleaning products out there and this is due to its antimicrobial properties. It has been used for a long time as a disinfectant, both for food and for personal hygiene. The main component of vinegar that is responsible for fulfilling this function is acetic acid, which has also been researched to be effective against salmonella.

#3. Remedy against Diabetes: Another of the properties of vinegar is that it is believed that the acetic acid it contains can reduce blood sugar by preventing the complete digestion of complex carbohydrates, which means that it gives your body more time to get the sugar out of your blood.

#4. Very good slimming: Vinegar has the power to increase satiety, this means that you eat less food and therefore, you gradually reduce your weight.

#5. Improves acidity: Vinegar retains very little acid in the stomach, so by drinking vinegar regularly you can improve your acidity.

#6. Take care of your heart: Vinegar helps lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

#7. Healing properties: The mother of vinegar, that spider web that floats on top of the unprocessed vinegar, has antibacterial properties that, when applied to a burn, helps it heal sooner. The consumption of vinegar also helps reduce the damage. muscle caused by inflammation after continued exercise.

#8. Improves nutrient absorption: The acetic acid, which is very present in vinegar, can promote increased absorption of essential minerals from foods that are blocked.

#9. Excellent hair conditioner: The acidity of vinegar, very close to that of human hair, is a very good conditioning and cleaning agent, producing a natural shine in the hair, as well as total disinfection.

#10. Take care of your brain: The last of the properties of vinegar is that its consumption could improve cognitive function in humans, research has shown that acetic acid produces precursors of building blocks in brain tissues called sphingolipids.

As you have seen, the properties of vinegar are beneficial both for health and for daily use, but it is advisable to use it moderately and under the supervision of your doctor if it is for personal use, you already know that no food taken in excess, it’s profitable.

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I hope you were as surprised as I was when you checked some of the properties of vinegar. Do you know any properties different from those mentioned?Do you use it differently than those mentioned here? Regards and until next time!

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