IV World Forum of Wine Cooperatives

Hello!From June 1 to 4, 2015, the IV World Forum of Wine Cooperatives was held in the city of Mendoza (Argentina), in which leaders of cooperatives from countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil participated. and Argentina.

More than 400 leaders who came to the conclusion that if cooperatives want to advance, we must do so together and we must sell directly to the end consumer.

We already discussed this topic some time ago in this blog, the article was titled: The importance of selling wine and bottled oil, in which there are a series of reasons why it is necessary to carry out this work in the same cooperative where wine and oil are produced.

According to Aldo Norberto, an Argentine columnist who has closely followed the topics that have been discussed in this forum, 60% of world wine production is generated by cooperatives, and only 10% of this production is destined for commercialization. direct.

This shows us that if we want to move forward, if we want our crops to return profits, one of the most important problems that we must solve is direct sales.

Other very important issues that affect the positive evolution of cooperatives and that must be resolved as soon as possible were also discussed. Below are the two most important ones.

Cooperatives must reach new markets

Another point discussed at the IV International Forum of Wine Cooperatives was that cooperatives must reach new markets, either through alliances with other cooperatives in the same region, or through third companies.

A company should not stay stuck in the same position all its life, it should make its way and reach new markets in which its product, in this case wine, is sold at a more competitive price.

There are markets like the United States or Asia, which are very promising and are occupied by wineries that make it very difficult for cooperatives to get there. This must be changed.

More technological advances in cooperatives

Another important topic discussed at the IV International Forum of Wine Cooperatives was the need for more technological advances in cooperatives. It was concluded that technology in our cooperatives must advance and modernize.

To fulfill this premise, collaboration between all cooperatives is essential, and can help a lot to keep costs much lower than they could be in principle.

Technology is synonymous with the future, cooperatives must be competitive and be the best prepared to be able to compete strongly in the market.

It should be said that always within limitations and margins that should not be exceeded according to the economic possibilities of the cooperative itself.

The conclusions reached in this forum are:

#1. Production must be increased in direct marketing, thus preventing third companies from benefiting from our products and taking most of our profits.

#2. Marketing must be opened in new markets, in order to publicize our products and compete in markets with less competition.

#3. We must bet on new technologies, to become more competitive and be able to face the future in a better way.

The next Forum, which will take place in 2016, will be held in Catalonia, (Spain) and it will be closely monitored whether the points that have been marked in it are being fulfilled or not.

At Bodegas La Aurora we are aware that all these points are important to consolidate the future of a cooperative and that is why we try, within our limitations, to fulfill them little by little.If you have something to say about it, we would like you to do so through the comments. Greetings and see you soon!

By Rafael Espejo.

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