Assessment of this year 2023

Hello! In the last post of this year, I would like to make a general assessment of this year 2013 that we are about to say goodbye to. On such important dates as these, when most people want to spend time with their family and friends, I thought of speaking in a general way but focused on topics that have to do with Bodegas La Aurora and those closest to them. .

Our agricultural year

On this topic I have to say that the year in general has been good, at least in most months. The first part of this year, 2013, has been very kind to our countryside in terms of rainfall levels. In the months of January, February, March, April and May, the amount of water that fell has been necessary for our crops were capable of producing a considerable amount of fruit.

As far as pests, diseases and meteorological damage are concerned, I also have to say that it has been a relatively good year. It is true that in certain areas and crops, there have been small losses, but not significant enough to point out, so I think that with regard to this point we can also be happy.

I have to point out here and I already talked about it in a previous article, that this year’s autumn is the driest that I remember, this has affected various crops such as olives and cereals, so the final part of this year is leaving a bittersweet taste in our memory.

Our grape and olive

Regarding the production of grapes and olives, it can be said that the grape harvest has been one of the largest in years, both in terms of quantity and quality, this has been caused by what I said in the previous point. Furthermore, if we go back a year, around this time around 300 L/m had already fallen if I’m not mistaken or perhaps even more, this amount of water, together with ideal weather conditions for this crop, have made this achievement possible.

As far as the olive campaign is concerned, it has been the opposite, there has hardly been any rain throughout the autumn, the vast majority of the olives are still wrinkled and the production that was initially expected due to the amount of fruit that the olive trees, has been diminished by these circumstances.

Other achievements to highlight

As you have already seen, this year we are launching our website, and I can proudly say that I have collaborated closely in its creation. I think that if we compare this with the previous one, it has nothing to do with it, since apart from incorporating many more functions such as: virtual store, blog, news section and more, it has a more current image and is much more intuitive, which makes the most pleasant stay there.

Also say that in terms of customers, Bodegas La Aurora, with our president Juan Rafael Portero at the helm, is fighting to open new markets in countries as important as China or the United States. In the first, some links have already been established that will make our products travel to this very special country.

Finally, I can only wish on behalf of Bodegas La Aurora, which is represented by all its partners and workers and on my own behalf, a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! I hope and wish that you spend some wonderful and endearing days with your family and friends. Greetings and see you next year!

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