The driest autumn I remember

Hello! In this week’s post I am going to tell you that this is the driest autumn that I remember in many years, we are almost at the beginning of winter and I think that in this area they have been collected throughout the entire autumn season, about 50 L/m. I’m going to talk to you about the damage it has caused and is still causing in our field. In a previous article I told you about how close the climate and the countryside are in our area, as the vast majority of it is dry.

Decrease in olive production

Exactly as you are hearing, due to the terrible drought that our olive groves are suffering, the estimated number of kilos has dropped drastically, the olive today is completely wrinkled, this has caused a very considerable weight reduction because the olive It barely has any juice inside.

Gone are those wonderful estimates of large quantities of kilos of olives that everyone predicted to us, causing a low price in oil sales to the market, due to the large quantity of olives that were expected to be collected.

Delay in planting crops

Other very common crops in this area are the planting of cereals such as wheat, barley or oats, which by this time had to be planted and born, and those that are planted, none of them have been born yet. It has also affected small plots intended for gardens. In them, the planting of onions, garlic or beans, among others, has not yet been carried out and if they have been carried out, they must be watered just as if we were in summer.

The drought this autumn has meant that the vast majority of plots intended for these crops are still unplanted, since the land is practically the same as in the month of August, dry.

Other crops affected

Another crop affected would be the case of the vineyard, which by not having a normal autumn of water, the shoots that next year will become thumbs, have not developed as they should have.

This is noticeable when you cut the vine, the sound it causes is not characteristic of this work, although this is something difficult to explain in words, but with the experience of the years it comes to be felt and differentiated when some circumstances as peculiar as those of this year. It is also noticeable in the sage that it generally releases the shoot when cutting, something that does not happen this year.

The fact is that, as I told you at the beginning, in our area, the climate is deeply linked to our crops and you can never give up (as they say here), until you have harvested, because you never know what nature can bring you. Nature is very capricious, although it knew at the end of the day and it is never advisable to rush to say what is going to happen or how it will happen.

I hope that the article has made you reflect on this topic and I ask you a question, What damage has this fall’s drought caused in your area?

By Rafael Espejo.

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