Autumn has arrived at Bodegas La Aurora

Very good! Autumn has arrived at Bodegas la Aurora and there are still grapes to be picked in our field, especially the later varieties such as Montepila, Vidueño… Personally I can say that surely at the end of this week and beginning of next week I will finish the harvest at home. of grapes in this magnificent agricultural year.

An ideal agricultural year

I never tire of saying that this year has been especially accommodating to our field, it is true that there are always exceptions and not everyone will have found it as good as I did, but I think that speaking in general terms, it has been a year great.

I can say without fear of being wrong that the previous year’s grape production has been doubled, the quality has been similar and the weather during the harvest has been quite benevolent (since although it rained, it could have been much worse).

Throughout the year, there has not been any weather damage to highlight, it has rained a lot, but in moderation, the temperatures throughout the year have generally been quite mild, which has caused, as I said in the previous post, , a delay in the beginning of the harvest. Because there have not been drastic changes in temperature, we have not had problems with diseases as problematic as mildew or powdery mildew, so in my opinion the balance of this year in terms of the grape campaign is quite positive.

Waiting for the beginning of the olive harvest

Once the grape harvest is finished, the next thing in this area is the olive harvest, just as it happens with the grape, until the olive has an adequate yield the doors are not opened for its entry into the area. mill from our winery.

Generally, it begins in the month of December, but as always happens in the countryside, the key factor is the weather and I hope it is as favorable to us as it has been in the harvest.

Before collecting the olives to make this exquisite oil that we produce at Bodegas La Aurora, we proceed to collect a small part of the production to make what is commonly called “table olive”, clarifying that here at Bodegas La Aurora, we only make oil with the olive, but I want to point out that practically from the end of the harvest, until the olives are no longer green, other work is carried out in this area.

The “verdeo” as this work is called here, is generally carried out during the months of October and November, the olive must come exclusively from the hojiblanca variety, since this type of olive is harder than the nevadilla, arbequina, etc., and must be collected carefully, to damage your skin as little as possible.

To finish, I want to wish all the winegrowers who, like me, have not finished yet, a good end to the harvest.

Regards and until next time!

By Rafael Espejo.

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