When does the harvest start in Montilla-Moriles?

Hello! On this occasion we are going to explain to you, When does the harvest start in Montilla-Moriles?

What factors influence the beginning of the Montilla-Moriles harvest?

The area in which Bodegas La Aurora is located is located in the heart of Andalusia, in the beautiful city of Montilla.

In wine-growing areas around the world, the grapes are harvested on different dates, all of which largely depends on the type of climate, the grape variety, the production and the type of land. For example, in areas of La Rioja, due to their type of climate, the harvest usually begins when we are finishing here.

The climate is the great influencer

The climate is the great influence, it is the main factor that determines when we should start, here in Montilla-Moriles the harvest months usually run from mid-August to the end of September, although everything will be marked by the weather. . For example, this year due to the mild temperatures that have occurred almost all summer in this area and the good year of rain, we started about a week later than last year and we will almost certainly finish one or two weeks later (at mid-October).

The type of variety

The grape variety is another factor that will mark the start date, here the red grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo) begin to be harvested, then continue with the Pedro Ximénez and finish with the Vidueño and Cecerrón. The cencerrón is a grape of the Pedro Ximénez variety, those small clusters that are born at the end of the vine do not reach their point of ripeness until the end of September, although everything will depend on the various factors cited in this article).

The production

Another very important condition at the beginning of the harvest is the amount of grapes on the plot, the production. For example, a 6,000 m plot that has around 9,000 kg will not generally be able to have the necessary graduation in the same time as a plot of the same size that has 3,000 kg less production, although this will also depend on the type of land that we will see below.

The land

The type of terrain is a very important condition for the beginning of harvesting, what I mean by this, since there are areas within the Montilla-Moriles denomination, which are earlier than others due to the composition of the land, there are places that at the end of August were ready to be harvested and there are others that in mid-September still do not have the recommended graduation.

Although there are more or less established dates from one year to the next, the beginning and duration of the harvest may be conditioned by all or some of these factors. We hope that you found it interesting and that now you are a little clearer about when the harvest begins in Montilla-Moriles. Greetings!

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