Climate change and the vineyard

Hello! I have recently read several news items related to climate change and the vineyard and what it could mean for our area.

The first news refers to the damage that an increase in temperatures and a decrease in water resources can cause to the wine industry, for this reason the Coordinator of Farmers and Livestock Organizations (COAG), together with the support of the Foundation Biodiversity of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment launches a research project on “Climate Change and the Vineyard in Spain”. This project aims to limit the possible effects of climate change and its repercussions on the quality and production of Spanish wines on the horizon of 2050.

The second news focuses on the possibility of transforming eroded lands into productive soils. The LIFE Crops for better soil-Traditional Crops project was presented at the Biocultura fair that was held last week in Seville. In this study that began in 2011, around twenty farmers from various autonomous communities have participated with excellent results.

Is it true that climate change exists?

Currently there are many people who still do not have a very clear answer to this question.

Unfortunately, it seems that global warming does exist and that little by little, we are noticing its effects in this area of ​​Montilla-Moriles and throughout the world.

It is not normal for temperature changes to be so abrupt that we go from one day to the next, from short heat to shelter and vice versa.

It is not normal for the rainfall to be lower every year and for the summer period to be longer and hotter.

It is not normal for vines and almond trees to bloom in the middle of winter, and for it to snow at the end of February, when the temperatures should be milder.

From my humble opinion, I believe that climate change does exist and there are signs that are indicating that it is possibly going to treat us worse due to our disadvantaged geographical location. I say this because we are the region of Spain that borders Africa and the climate of this country is not highly recommended so to speak.

How does climate change affect the vineyard and other crops?

You have to be very cautious when talking about this issue because it affects many people who make a living from working and cultivating vineyards and other crops such as olive groves, which are the main source of income in this area of ​​Montilla-Moriles.

If you are one of them, you will recognize that the last 2015 harvest was one of the driest. The excessive temperatures and the little rain that was collected during the months of April, May, June and July, caused an early harvest because many areas were not able to withstand the excessive heat. I have seen vineyard stocks with many years of life dry out, because they are not able to withstand such high temperatures.

If we choose to grow olive trees, we will not have better luck, the 2014/2015 campaign was one of the lowest in many years due to excessively high temperatures during the flowering season. If we move on to this campaign that is about to end, I attest that it has been one of the driest and most arid winters that I remember, which has caused a significant decrease in the final production of olives that was expected to recover from the previous campaign. .

What can we do about climate change?

A single person can do little and even less without adequate support, but together we can do a lot.

As a farmer, I think that we must be attentive to the results that come from projects like the ones I mentioned at the beginning of the article.

We must be able to adapt to the new climate and put in place all the necessary measures to prevent erosion of our crops.

We must become aware that we have to apply changes in the way we work and exploit our lands, avoiding pollution as much as possible.

We must accept that climate change exists and that we must put measures in place to mitigate its effects on our crops as much as possible.

I hope this article helps you reflect on this topic and if you have something to say, I would like you to do so in the comments below. All the best!

By Rafael Espejo.

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