Montilla - Moriles, is key to the future.

Hello!Montilla-Moriles, in terms of the future is a cycle of conferences that focus on highlighting and making known the genius of the wines of Montilla-Moriles and everything that surrounds them.

This series of conferences is organized by the Bodegas Campos Foundation and the Montilla-Moriles Regulatory Council.

Sponsored by Caja Sur, it is a very promising initiative, which surely meets the objectives set given the high level of professionals it brings together every week in its presentations.

This week we dedicated the space in our blog to talking about this initiative and more specifically about the last presentation that was made last Monday and which our president, Juan Rafael Portero, had the honor of presenting.

At Bodegas La Aurora we think that this type of cycle should be more common given the low level of information that people in our area have about the wines of Montilla-Moriles, or at least that is the perception we obtained after the last conference offered by Mr. Miguel Cruz, famous and prestigious winemaker at a national and international level.

Guidelines for the production of quality wines

In the last conference of the Montilla-Moriles cycle, in terms of the future, we were able to learn about the guidelines for the production of quality wines.

In this presentation, Mr. Miguel Cruz explained to us in great detail each and every one of the steps our wines go through before becoming quality wines.

Mr. Miguel recognized that our wines are incomparable given the high level of complexity that they can reach, due to a unique grape variety (Pedro Ximénez), together with soil and climate conditions that only occur in this area. from Montilla-Moriles.

After listening carefully to the entire presentation, we came to the conclusion that the wines of Montilla-Moriles have no competition, because they are unique and incomparable.

We must value our wines and educate our customers

“We must value our wines and educate our customers,” was the final message that D. Miguel left us after more than an hour of explanations about the production of our Montilla-Moriles wines.

After the presentation, there was a round of questions about it and the one that caught my attention the most was why in the restaurants, bars, taverns in our area, is it so difficult to find wines from Montilla-Moriles?

This is where the advice to educate our clients comes in.

Mr. Miguel, made reference to a curious anecdote that occurred in a restaurant in the area in which they offered a customer our red wine par excellence “Llanos de Palacio”, this customer, upon seeing the brand and tasting the wine, ordered a red wine. Better yet, they brought him the same wine again in a different bottle (one from a renowned brand), so the happy customer said: “this wine is much better.”

After hearing this, we can only think that we do not know how to understand the value of our wines.

We do not know how to value what our land and our people offer us with so much work and we focus on brands and myths.

Mr. Miguel assured that in blind tastings, it is very difficult to distinguish a red wine of a renowned brand from those produced in our Montilla-Moriles area, and that we should never compare ourselves with other areas of inferior quality, since this seriously damages to the reputation of our wines.

This afternoon a new presentation from the cycle “Montilla-Moriles, in terms of the future, the details can be found in this news that was published on our website a few days ago.

I encourage you to attend if you like the world of wines because you will surely learn something new. All the best!

By Rafael Espejo.

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