How much is a prize really worth to Bodegas La Aurora?

Very good! I suppose you know that 3 of our wines have been awarded in the National Wine Competition, which has been held every year for 20 years (including this one), in the beautiful city of Córdoba. I am referring to the Mosque Awards, if you still have no idea, I leave you the link to the news here. But today I do not want to echo this news, although since I am talking about the subject I had to point it out, what I want to highlight is How much is a prize really worth for Bodegas La Aurora?

An award is not a title or diploma

For us, an award is not only a title or diploma that is given to you at the end of the exam, this paper, whether prettier or uglier, is only the physical representation of what we have obtained that will serve to prove to others that it is true. what we say.

An award is not just prestige

It is true that everything that receives an award, whether person or thing, receives with it a certain added prestige, since according to the tests that it has successfully passed, it has turned out to be better than its competitors, this prestige marks it as a reference. to follow, but from my point of view, an award is not only prestige, it is much more.

An award is pride in what has been achieved

The person who receives an award, whether for merits towards him or herself or for merits achieved by a group of people who have made something exclusive possible, is filled with pride for such distinction and infects the other participants in the cause.

For me it is not a bad thing that a person or group of them feel proud of something they have achieved, just the opposite, they should be proud because they have been the ones who have made it possible.

A prize is value for the effort expended

The value of a thing is very difficult to calculate, because possibly, it has a different value for me than for you. The value of those people who sacrifice themselves every day to perform their work in the best possible way and obtaining the best results, deserve to be valued. What better recognition than an award and if there are three as in this case, much better.

A prize is admiration for people

An award is admiration for those people who have achieved something that others have not been able to, who have gone further, who have worked harder to be there. There is a phrase that I really like and I think it is totally true and very appropriate on this occasion: “Every effort has its reward.”

At Bodegas La Aurora we feel very proud of what we have achieved and we value and admire each and every one of the people who have contributed to achieving these 3 awards. These people are each member who collects their grapes and brings them home (our winery) and each worker who carries out their work every day in our facilities and outside of them. Thank you very much to all of you and we are sure that many more will come!

By Rafael Espejo.

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