Are you into wine or beer?

Hello! Surely you have been asked this question at some point: What about you? Are you into wine or beer? This question has come to my mind after being at an event in my town related to wine and seeing how many young people drank wine very naturally. If I’m honest, I’m a fan of both, both beer and wine, since I think we can alternate them and consume both drinks taking advantage of their natural advantages.

Wine is associated with older people

It’s something I don’t like, but on the ground it’s like that, people tend to love what they see around them, they are also very given to not attracting attention, to not making a difference, to integrating into the gang, I’m sure This last one sounds familiar to you, right?

If you go with a group of friends, you almost always pay attention to what the first person orders and that request has a very important effect on what you are going to order. I don’t know why it is so rare to see young people drinking wine, But at least it is very difficult for me to find myself in that situation, I don’t know if you think the same, but I don’t usually see young people tasting wine when I go out for a drink.

It seems as if wine is only a product consumed at occasional events and other than that, it is only intended for older people. I think that from time to time we should make a difference and even if all your friends order a beer, if you fancy a wine, order it without thinking about what they will say.

3 reasons why you should drink wine

#1. Because it is beneficial for your health: In a publication of the magazine “Very interesting” he talks about four benefits that drinking wine produces on our health. For example, wine improves mental agility, it is also an excellent anti-fat, since the consumption of wine activates the SIRT1 gene, which prevents the formation of new fat cells and helps mobilize existing ones. It contains a substance called resveratrol that effectively counteracts the negative effects of a sedentary life on the body, this means that this substance prevents the loss of muscle mass caused by lack of physical exercise and finally, wine protects your teeth, as it slows down the growth of bacteria linked to cavities, gingivitis and sore throat.

#2. Because you are going to make a difference: Stop being like all your friends and order a wine, knowing that you have many types of wine to choose from, for example, you have young wines, fine wines, sweet wines, white and red wines, for sure You have to like some of them, why don’t you try it?

#3. Because you consume a product from your land: how many times have you said or heard that there is nothing like consuming something obtained directly from the field? Well, that’s what you’re doing when you order a Montilla-Moriles wine. This thing about Montilla-Moriles is very important that you don’t forget, that’s why we have the best wines from all over the world.

I hope that today’s article helps you reflect and makes you lose a little of the fear of being different from the rest. And you? Are you into wine or beer? Greetings and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.

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