How should I preserve this wine at home?

Hello! How should I preserve this wine at home? is the question we almost always ask the person who sells us the wine or any friend who we think understands this. The truth is that the topic is very delicate and broad because the same rules cannot be applied to all wines, it depends on many factors such as: the type of wine (young or unaged, Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva), the type (white, red or rosé), the grape variety used in its production (Pedro Ximénez, Tempranillo, Syrah), the type of container (glass bottle, box, barrel), the type of stopper that has been placed on the bottle (cork, plastic) and I’m sure there are some other parameters that escape me.

Who is the right person to answer this question for us?

I think the best thing to do is to listen to the person who sells us the wine, although it is not always the best solution, since this will largely depend on where we buy the wine. For example, if you buy a wine in one of the Bodegas La Aurora stores (I say stores because we have both a virtual store and a physical store), you will always have a person to clarify your doubts if you make the purchase in any of the stores. two.

Furthermore, if you look at the details of any of our products in the virtual store, at the end of the description, there are a series of tips on how that product should be stored. Click on this link and look at the points you should take into account when preserving our Amontillado Amanecer. Who understands something better than the one who made it?

Another very different case would be to ask the girl at the supermarket on the corner or a large store. With this I don’t want to generalize, because there will always be the exception that makes the difference, but which of the two options do you consider more logical? I think that if we could buy directly from the producer, we would know with more guarantees what we are consuming and I don’t only apply this to the world of wine.

3 Points to keep in mind when preserving wine at home

Although as I said at the beginning, the conservation of a wine depends on many factors and each wine has different characteristics, it is true that there are 3 very important and basic points in which the vast majority of wines agree, if not all of them. are:

The wine must be stored in a place with certain temperature and humidity parameters (each wine has different ones)
Never store wine next to substances that produce intense odors (kitchens, garages, fireplaces, etc.), as this can cause the wine to spoil.
Avoid sun exposure at all times, since the sun’s rays would also spoil the wine.

I hope that today’s article has been useful to you so that you can make a better decision when it comes to properly preserving wine at home. Greetings and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.

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