The importance of women in our field

Hello! This week I want to discuss a very special topic for me and I think for all of you who read this blog and that is the importance of women in our field. Maybe you think that Women’s Day has already passed and I should have published this article around that time, but I and the group of people who make up Bodegas La Aurora think that every day is equally important to recognize the contribution and dedication of this certain segment of our society to the countryside.

Without our women it would not be possible

I think I am not exaggerating at all when I say that without the work of our women it would not be possible to carry out the work in our field. It is true that his greatest virtue is not strength, but skill is. They are much more skilled than men no matter what we wear, although there are always exceptions that break this rule, which is why I always like to point out that nothing is the same for everyone and that we should not generalize.

There are many jobs that are performed by women much better than by men, or rather, there were jobs, because of the ones I remember that were done practically only by women, now they are mechanized and are done by both the male and female sex, some of them. These would be: picking olives from the ground, picking shoots, picking cotton and many others that also performed and currently perform the same things as men such as: removing branches, picking grapes, removing boxes, etc.

And it doesn’t stop there, because after working hard in the field, when they get home, they must do housework and take care of their children. It seems that this is not widely recognized, but clean clothes, food, cleaning the house… are very important parts of our daily lives that we need and that are almost always done by our women.

Today’s equality is tomorrow’s future

I am very happy to say that although in the past women were more pigeonholed in certain tasks in the fields, today that is not the case. The new generations do not see it as a bad thing for a woman to know how to prune a vineyard or graft a plant. It is true that physical strength can be something that sometimes limits them, but it does not require much strength to prune a vine or to graft a vineyard plant, the only thing you need is to put will and love into what you do.

I know very closely women who know how to prune, who know how to graft, who know how to scrape buds (a very close case and one that I am proud of is my sister), who transport the grapes from their vineyards to our wineries, who know all the tasks that must be carried out on the field and the time at which they must be carried out. The future of our field does not involve discrimination, it involves its perfect integration with all of us, whether we are men or women.

From Bodegas la Aurora we want to recognize the great efforts of our women, give them all our support and tell them that they are very important in our field, without them, our field would not be what it is today. Greetings and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.

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