The French vintage

Hello! I hope the title didn’t surprise you, but a few days ago, a couple of documents written by CCOO arrived in my email, on the advice and procedures that anyone who wants to work in the French grape harvest should follow.

You can download these documents by clicking on the following links, the first refers to useful information for the Spanish agricultural campaigns and the 2014 French harvest and the second refers to information exclusively on the French harvest in 2013.

From Bodegas La Aurora, we have thought it appropriate to inform all our readers about the state and conditions of the harvest in our neighboring country, mainly due to the moment of unemployment in which many people in our area find themselves.

Before continuing and to avoid any misunderstanding, we want to clarify that the objective of this article is simply to inform (the information represented here has been obtained from the documentation mentioned above) and that some points of view have been given by the author of the article.

Are you interested in going to the French vintage?

Personally, I have heard many times that a lot of money is made in the French grape harvest, but is this really true? According to the data obtained through the documents indicated above and from this article, the French interprofessional minimum wage places the hourly price of this work at €9.53. The difference with respect to the price per hour in our country is much higher.

This makes many people consider very seriously trying to get a job there, however, we must keep in mind that this task is not as simple as many people may think and in the documents indicated above, the reason is detailed, Below I am going to name the most important points that I think you should take into account before making this decision:

Due to the crisis and the increase in unemployment, there are many people in France who, like here, have had to dedicate themselves to working in the fields, mainly in harvesting, this has caused there to be less demand for foreign workers, in addition, Workers from other countries are being hired.
Mechanization has spread a lot and this has meant that it is not necessary to hire so much labor.
Most contracts are renewed from one year to the next. By this I mean that the employer usually hires the same people every year and that if there is a free position, it is covered by a family member or friend of people who make up the team. crew, so it is very difficult for someone without a contract and who moves there without knowing anyone, to find work.
Subsistence and accommodation are usually the responsibility of the worker, although this must be specified in the job offer. Generally the cost is usually around €9 per meal per day and €23 per month for accommodation (electricity, water and other expenses are separate).
You can use the website to search for this type of job, but the information that is handled on these websites is in French, you can always use a translator such as Google Translate, but sometimes it may misinterpret a word. The recommended websites to search for work are:
French public employment service (in the CCOO document there is a small tutorial on how to use this website)
ANEFA (National Association for Employment and Training in Agriculture) (in the CCOO document, there is a small tutorial on how to use this website)
EURES, is the European employment portal where you can find job offers of all kinds

To finish this article I want to give my point of view. I think it is a good opportunity if you can’t find anything close to where you live, but as I have pointed out, it is very important that before making the trip, you take all the previous points into account, especially contacting the employer before making the trip. trip.

It would not hurt to find out through the unions (UGT or CCOO) what documentation you must prepare and provide, since if you do not have all the documentation in order, those days worked may not be useful to you. obtain some type of help or benefit.

We hope that the information provided here is helpful and we wish everyone who embarks on this journey the best of luck! And finally, I would like to inform you that this afternoon the Canal Sur program “Andalucía Directo” will broadcast a small report about us, do you dare to watch it? Greetings and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.

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