What is olive tree damage?

Hello! Do you know what olive tree damage is? We already talked about the summer work in the vineyard and olive grove that is usually done in this area and the destruction of the olive tree is one of them. We also talk to you about the main pruning of the olive tree and why it is done, in this work, although it is not called pruning (at least in this area of Montilla), branches are also cut. Below we explain a little about what this job is about.

What are braces?

The twigs are small branches that usually sprout from the trunks of the olive tree. Its mission is to protect the trunk from the strong summer sun, providing shade. Generally, there tend to be more when the olive tree is heavily pruned, by this I mean that many branches are removed from the upper part or flight when they are cut down in winter.

Also, they tend to come out more when the olive tree does not have as much harvest or when the weather conditions are good, such as when it has rained a lot throughout the year. The type of land where the olive tree is planted also has a lot of influence, for example, on white land, with a high proportion of lime, olive trees usually produce fewer shoots.

Why should braces be removed?

The twigs are small branches, which, if left, become larger branches. This means that the force of the sap that should go to the short or main branches, which are at the head, is carried by these branches because they are closer to the roots. We already know that the closer a branch is to the roots, the more strength it will have.

The mission of these small branches is to provide shade to the trunk of the olive tree during the summer, so when this purpose has been fulfilled, they must be removed to prevent them from taking away part of the energy of the olive tree.

How do you remove olive stems?

Traditionally, the branches of the olive tree have been eliminated by cutting them by manual procedures, that is, the person has gone from olive tree to olive tree with an ax cutting these small branches.

Currently, there is another way to eliminate thorns, this is through chemical procedures. This method consists of applying a product directly to these small branches that is responsible for drying them. In this way, if applied at the right time, their growth and subsequent cutting can be prevented.

If it can be done naturally, we let them fulfill their function and at the same time avoid applying products of this type to the olive tree trunk.

When is the destruction of the olive tree carried out?

This largely depends on the farmer, the number of olive groves he has, the people he wants to employ and whether he has other crops. The ideal is to cut them when they have all sprouted and we know that they will not sprout again. As I said above, their mission is to provide shade to the trunk of the olive tree, so if we let them do their job, the perfect date would be at the end of August and throughout September, which is when it starts to cool down.

In this area of Montilla and its surroundings, the majority of farmers also own vineyard plots, which is another factor that precipitates the destruction of olive trees prematurely, since farmers try to destroy their olive groves before starting the harvest, so that Then the first rains at the end of September and the beginning of October do not catch it, causing it to be devastated.

This is a small introduction to what olive tree damage is, do not hesitate to expand or discuss the information presented here, you already know that the objective of this blog is to inform and create a point of connection with you. We hope you liked it. Greetings and see you next week!

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