What China can never copy

Hello! Due to the comments that this news has received on Facebook, I wanted to delve a little deeper into the topic and give my personal opinion on the matter.

The headline may have caught your attention, “What China will never be able to copy” and you will think, what is it that this great country, expert in this subject and without laws that prohibit it, will not be able to copy?

I guess if they are able to copy high-end smartphones, cars, and even entire cities with almost perfect accuracy, we should be scared.

Being this a blog that talks about wine, oil and vinegar and everything that surrounds them, I am completely sure that China will not be able to copy the taste of our products, or at least not naturally.

The news I refer to at the beginning places special emphasis on the fact that China becomes the second country behind us, Spain, to have the most cultivated area of ​​vineyards.

AND? It’s just a fact, China may plant a lot of vineyard land, but it will never have our land, our climate and our people, to produce a wine like the one we make here.

Our land makes the first difference

I do not consider myself an expert in wine, but I have some basic knowledge that forces me to say that the vast majority of the flavors that our wine offers come from our land.

The albarizas, so characteristic of our Montilla-Moriles Protected Designation of Origin, are unique and the main culprits of our wines having that smell, that color, that flavor and that particular texture.

Our privileged climate

Our dry, hot and humidity-free climate is ideal for the queen of our Denomination, Pedro Ximénez, to mature and arrive at our winery at its optimal point.

Not even our closest neighbors in Jerez are lucky enough to have a climate like the one that predominates here.

Our people are the chosen ones

Even if you think that anyone can do something if they put their mind to it, I disagree with certain nuances on this topic.

I agree that if someone sets his mind to something, he can achieve it, but without obtaining the same results as someone else.

By this I mean that our vines are raised by people who have been doing this work for many years, most of them were born with them and know what their plant needs at all times, this translates into a touch of class for our wine.

We have to feel proud that they want to overshadow us, that they want to be like us, since this means that we are doing great and our product is fantastic.

All these differences that I have pointed out before make our wine DIFFERENT from all the others.

We do not have any competition because our wine is DIFFERENT from everyone else and no country or area has the qualities that we have to reach the level of our wines.

We must defend our wine, consume it and order it every time we want to drink wine in a restaurant or bar.

I don’t know if you think like me, but I would be delighted to know your opinion, and you can give it to me through the comments.

I hope you liked the article and I hope to see you again in two weeks. All the best!

By Rafael Espejo.

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