Powdery mildew, what it is and how to combat it in the vineyard

Hello!In this area of ​​Montilla-Moriles, it can be said that the two most important phytosanitary treatments carried out on the vineyard begin, both the treatment against Downy mildew and the treatment against Powdery mildew, which are the two most important diseases that can attack. to this plant.

We already talked to you about what Mildew is and how you can control it in the vineyard, so we advise you to take a look at this article, you will surely draw good conclusions.

Today we are going to talk to you about Powdery mildew, the other great threat to the vineyard.

What is Oidium?

Like Mildew, Powdery mildew is another type of fungus that affects the vine.

This fungus, like Mildew, also causes great damage to the strain that becomes infected, which can go up to the total or partial loss of foliage and fruit.

When does this disease occur?

This disease can be said to be found in the strain all year round.

The Oidium fungus is found inside the buds and shoots during the winter to come out during the beginning of sprouting.

The wind causes the fungus, once it has emerged from its dormancy, to spread throughout all the green areas of the vine to attack them.

The most favorable weather conditions for Powdery Mildew are:

#1. Temperatures between 25 and 28ºC.

#2. Relatively high humidity.

Unlike Downy Mildew, abundant rains slow the development of this disease.

With temperatures above 35ºC, Powdery mildew stops its development.

What parts of the vine does it affect and how can we detect it?

This disease affects all the green parts of the plant, shoot, leaf and bunch.

On both the leaves and the clusters, we can detect Powdery mildew because they appear covered by an ashy white powder that can cover the entire area.

On the shoots and shoots it is manifested by diffuse dark green spots, which grow in intensity until reaching black.

In clusters, this fungus stops the growth of the skin and often causes cracking.

The infected leaves dry out and fall, leaving the shoots and clusters at the direct mercy of the weather conditions.

How can we control and eradicate Powdery mildew?

The best defense against Oidio is prevention.

When the shoots of the vine reach 15-20 cm, it is advisable to carry out the first treatment to prevent the fungus from spreading through the plant.

It is advisable to always use powdered sulfur, as this helps prevent the appearance of resistance to systemic anti-powdery mildew products.

Depending on whether your vineyard is headed or espaliered, the most effective treatments against this disease differ.

I advise you to download bulletin No. 7 of the ATRIA Montilla-Moriles by clicking here, in which all this information is reflected from the hands of our technician, Juan Portero Laguna.

Treatments for trellised vineyards:

80% of the products applied must be systemic and the remaining 20%, powdered sulfur.
Carry out several spray treatments with systemic products using a sufficient volume of water depending on the vegetation, in the first 400 and 600 l/Ha and in the last 800 and 1000 l/Ha, changing the chemical family of the product. Complement it with a sprinkling of sulfur with a flowering machine.

Treatments for head vine:

20% of the product applied must be systemic and the remaining 80%, powdered sulfur.
Carry out the first treatment with powdered sulfur with the bag when the shoots are between 20-30 cm and during flowering a second dusting with a machine. And as a complement, carry out a final treatment against Downy Mildew by mixing a systemic anti-powdery powder.

The most suitable product to eradicate this disease is powdered sulfur, although depending on whether you have a head vine or a trellis vine, you should use other types of systemic products. It is most recommended that you consult with your field technician so that He will recommend the most suitable one.

Finally, the area where the vine is planted and the type of variety are two fundamental factors to take into account to carry out good control of this disease.We hope the information is helpful to you. All the best!

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