What is a winemaker?

Hello! We recently explained to you in a previous article, What is a Sommelier or Somelier, today we are going to try to explain to you in the clearest way, What is a Winemaker? But before continuing, we are going to answer a question that you may ask yourself, what is the difference between an Oenologist and a Sommelier?

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What differentiates a Winemaker from a Sommelier?

The difference is that they carry out completely different jobs, the Winemaker is in charge of making the wine, literally speaking, while the Sommelier is in charge of pairing it with the food.

It is true that in many cases both have more knowledge than is generally assigned to them and this is perfect, but according to their jobs, they do not have much more to do with it than the product they use, wine.

What functions does the Winemaker perform?

As I explained to you in the article that I mentioned at the beginning, both have different functions although they can often be confused a little because the Sommelier is acquiring more and more knowledge about the world of wine, but the main functions of the Oenologist are included in Royal Decree 595/2002, of June 28, which regulates the qualification to practice the professions of Oenologist, specialist in viticulture and wine production technician, says in its article 2 that: Oenologists have the professional capacity to carry out the set of activities related to the methods and techniques of vineyard cultivation and the production of wines, musts and other vine derivatives, the analysis of the processed products and their storage, management and conservation.

Likewise, they are recognized for their ability to carry out those activities related to the technical-sanitary conditions of the oenological process and with the sector’s own legislation and those activities in the field of research and innovation within the field of viticulture and oenology.

What does all this mean? Well, the Winemaker has the power to supervise the planting of the vine, design, choice of the most suitable variety for that land, capacity and equipment in the winery, all monitoring in the field such as irrigation, care, pruning, pruning. … is responsible for choosing the ideal date for the grape harvest and for managing the production, storage, analysis, conservation, bottling and marketing of the wine. They are also responsible for controlling the personal hygiene-sanitary and safety conditions of the winery. work, as well as controlling and training workers within wine companies and their auxiliary companies.

Oenologists have extensive knowledge in viticulture, microbiology, chemistry, cell biology, botany and soil science, which enables them to experiment with strains that are mixed with each other with the purpose of taking advantage of the characteristics of the climate that predominates in the terrain in the one where the vine is planted so that a specific aroma stands out, they are also responsible for directing the physical, chemical, microbiological and organoleptic analysis laboratory for the control of wine and its derivatives.

In short, there are many tasks that the Winemaker is qualified to perform and if you want to read them all carefully you can find them in Annex I, the profile of the winemaker, which is included in Royal Decree 595/2002, of June 28.

To finish and in a summary, the Winemaker is in charge of making wine and this includes from the planting of the vine, the entire production process and finally also the marketing process, if we compare these functions with those of the Sommelier or sommelier, we will see which are quite different although in principle they seemed similar to us.

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