Why don't you order a Pedro Ximénez 1981?

Why don’t you order a Pedro Ximénez 1981 when you go to a bar? Before continuing, very good, how are you? This week I want to talk to you about one of our best wines. Pedro Ximénez 1981 is one of the wines with the most recognition that we have at Bodegas La Aurora and one of the ones that has had the most love put into its production. I do not want to discredit anyone, because here we work with our hearts and we put all our effort into making a wine that your palate will enjoy when drinking it, but this was made in a year in which all the necessary conditions were met to obtain an exceptional wine.

What is Pedro Ximénez 1981?

The Pedro Ximénez 1981 is a naturally sweet wine, made with dried Pedro Ximénez grapes, which is where this wine gets its name. Pedro Ximénez is a grape variety that has a very high amount of sugars, a very thin skin and a very juicy pulp, which is why it is ideal for spending it in the sun and obtaining a wine with a very high alcohol content.

This grape, selected by bunches, is taken in boxes to the winery or winery so that the grain receives the least amount of blows possible and is subsequently laid out in baskets in the sun. This is done so that the grape grain expels the liquid and the adequate amount of sugar remains to be able to obtain a must with which to make this wine.

Pedro Ximénez 1981 is a dark ruby-colored wine loaded with varietal aromas with nuances reminiscent of coffee, dried figs, chocolate and dates with a very sweet, creamy and aromatic flavor. This wine has an alcohol content of 15º making it ideal for snacks or desserts. It is also ideal to accompany sweet cheeses or ice creams. Of course, this wine is a great choice to drink neat or with ice.

Why don’t you order a Pedro Ximénez 1981?

Again I ask you the question I started with, Why don’t you order a Pedro Ximénez 1981 when you go to a bar? It is true that the most normal thing is that they do not have it, but this is because no one asks for it. You have already seen that this wine has nothing to envy of other sweet drinks, I am not going to name any of them because I do not want to advertise, but I think you already know which ones I am referring to.

I don’t understand why we don’t know how to value what we have and when we go to the bar we ask for imported drinks, this wine can compete perfectly with any sweet imported drink and I’m sure it can beat it, why don’t you try it? I assure you that if you give it the opportunity, it will make you enjoy it and leave a unique flavor in your mouth. Just think for a moment, about a wide glass with three ice cubes and this wine sliding through the glass into your mouth. I think there are no words to describe this sensation, you can only experience it to know what it feels like.

From Bodegas La Aurora we challenge you to try our Pedro Ximénez 1981, do not miss the mix of sensations it produces. Don’t have the slightest doubt that we put all our effort into offering you the best. We hope you tell us what you felt when you tried it, we eagerly await your opinion. A hug and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.

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