The importance of selling bottled wine and oil

Hello! How are you? Have you ever wondered how important it is to sell a bottled product directly to the consumer? Well, at Bodegas La Aurora we do it every day and for this reason, between 60 and 80% of our products (wine, vinegar and oil) are sold bottled.

The agreement we have reached with an exporting company to sell more than one million bottles of virgin olive oil to China was recently published in our news section. As our president Juan Rafael Portero says, the importance of selling our bottled wine, vinegar and oil is very great, since many people benefit, both inside the cooperative and abroad.

You provide work in your locality and outside it

This is one of the most important advantages that comes with selling our products directly for your use. All the work generated by having to bottle, package and a large part of the distribution of wine, vinegar or oil stays within our winery and, consequently, in our town.

In addition, we also employ auxiliary companies that provide us with the materials we need to carry out this action, such as: both glass and plastic bottles, in various sizes, cardboard for packaging and cork or plastic stoppers.

Investment has also been made in machinery that facilitates and speeds up bottling work. Of course, we must not forget the distribution of these products to the nearest cities, which is also carried out with personnel from our own winery as I have already said above.

You bring your brand directly to the consumer

That’s right, if you sell your product directly to the consumer, you are advertising yourself. Let’s see if I can explain it to you with an example, if a company in our sector, such as a cooperative, sells its oil or wine in bulk to a winery that is dedicated to bottling it and selling it under its own name, the brand of the cooperative. will not benefit, since what the consumer sees is the name that appears on the bottle they buy and consume, which in this case would be that of the winery.

Therefore, we are trying to avoid this at all costs, because our intention is to make the quality of our products known, we do not want a company from anywhere to take the credit for what is ours, our wine, vinegar and oil. olive oil are unique and therefore, people who consume them must know exactly where they come from.

Everything has a price

This is a quite controversial topic, because although the advantages provided by selling bottled wine and oil are brutal for a company to be able to get ahead on its own and create an image that provides it with a recognized identity, the price that must be paid is high.

Bodegas La Aurora is a pioneering cooperative in the sale of its bottled products and in opening new markets abroad. All this has a purpose, to be able to have loyal customers and make ourselves known in markets with less competition.

The investments that have been made to have a state-of-the-art bottling and the effort to go where others have not been able to due to fear of failure, are very complicated and difficult tasks to take on.

In the end I think that all this effort is giving excellent results, we are the first Andalusian cooperative that is dedicated to the production of wine, vinegar and oil, to sell its bottled products. We have open and consolidated markets in Europe and now we are preparing to carry out the same operation in Asia and the United States.

The future is uncertain for everyone, but we have to be brave and look forward. At Bodegas La Aurora we are very proud of everything we have achieved and what we are going to continue achieving, because we are not going to stop fighting to defend what is ours and make the quality of all our products known to the world. As always, this would not have been possible without the support of all our partners and workers. Do you still think it is not important to sell your bottled products? Greetings and see you next week!

By Rafael Espejo.

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