The grape harvest in Montilla-Moriles

Hello everyone! What better post could I write at this time than one that refers to the most important work related to wine that is being carried out now? Anyone who has some knowledge and likes the world of wine will know what I’m talking about when I say harvest.

Well, the harvest has already begun in the Montilla-Moriles area, now the grapes are being collected to make the first young wines and they have also begun to collect the red grapes, to later link with the Pedro Ximénez (the jewel of the crown) and finish with the Montepila, Vidueño or similar varieties that are also used to make young wine.

But for those who do not have or do not know what I am talking about when I say “vintage” I will clarify it below. The harvest I would say is the most important and rewarding job of any winegrower, in this job the efforts of a long year of hard work in the vineyard are rewarded, during the months of August and September in the Montilla area. In Moriles, the grape clusters are harvested, these are generally cut by expert people who do not damage the quality of the shoot so that it can later be used to breed a new strain (I will dedicate a post to this topic when the season arrives to carry out this work), it is carried out during the early hours of the morning to avoid alterations in the musts and safeguard the health of the workers as much as possible by preventing them from being exposed to the high temperatures that occur in this area, in the central hours of the day, then these clusters are taken as quickly as possible to the cooperative, to quickly begin the winemaking process, this entire process is called the harvest.

This year, due to the exceptional weather conditions that have occurred in this area of Montilla-Moriles, in different media I am collecting information that some 60 million kilos of grapes can be harvested in the entire area, which is not a not insignificant figure. I particularly have to say that my parents’ vineyards are, as I have been remembering seeing them for years, believe me when I tell you that it is very rare to see at this time and in this area of Montilla-Moriles, so dry and with such high temperatures, the branches (vine leaves) attached to the cluster, as green as in the month of June, when it is normal for them to be dry or almost ready to die in many areas (not all). This has been because in the rainy season it has rained enough so that the vine now has something to draw strength from to keep those leaves alive and vigorous. I also have to say that when it comes to diseases, it has been a very benevolent year, we have not had any illnesses from mildew or hatred, which are the two most dangerous and feared diseases in this area of Montilla-Moriles. In this regard, we can say that there are always exceptions, but in general, it has been a year without diseases, and finally I have to mention the mild and pleasant temperatures that have made the grapes at an optimal point to be able to harvest them when they have the required alcohol content.

To finish this post, I want to wish all the winegrowers of Bodegas La Aurora and the entire Montilla-Moriles area, a smooth harvest, loaded with kilos of grapes and degrees. I hope that the weather continues with us and gives us a harvest. peaceful.

Good vintage to everyone and until next time!!!!

By Rafael Espejo.

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